GTA V: Aircraft

Realistic Cargo Airline Textures

Author: Al
Date: 07.06.2015
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The FIRST Air Freight realistic plane textures! Includes DHL, UPS and FedEX, with modified door sizes and less windows, giving the look of realistic freight planes as much as I and the game decides to make them. (There is a Virgin Atlantic but that's just a filler until I make another - it will be gone soon).

Even though DHL do not operate 747s that I know of, i decided to make it anyway, so don't bother hating on the fact that they don't - you will just be wasting your own time.

How to install:
Download the latest version of OpenIV from https;//


Go to your GTA V root directory (Usually C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\ Grand Theft Auto V\ and create a new folder called 'mods' (no inverted commas)

Copy your x64e.RPF and place in the mods folder

Launch OpenIV as an administrator

Click 'Edit Mode' at the top

Make sure you have the asi loader and the OpenIV plugin, it should prompt you if you don't

Navigate to mods\x64e\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf\

Right click jet.ytd and jet+hi.ytd, and then click replace, replacing the files accordingly, jet+hi with the new jet+hi, the same with jet.

Close OpenIV

Launch GTA 5 and enjoy!

It's just a game. No hate.

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Realistic Cargo Airline Textures
Realistic Cargo Airline Textures Realistic Cargo Airline Textures

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