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Far Cry 5 Rye & Sons Seaplane [Add-On/Replace]

Author: Derpy-Canadian
Date: 06.02.2018
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This is the Rye & Sons seaplane remade with the dodo in GTA V, the MG is fully functional and as for the livery the rye and sons logo and number are exactly as in Far Cry 5 (the logo is a lot smaller in GTA V because I could not make it bigger without messing it up) this is a replace of the normal dodo so you will find this parked in the dodo locations if you did the dodo mission.


place dodo.yft, dodo_hi.yft, and dodo.ytd in update>x64>dlcpacks>patchday16ng>dlc.rpf>x64>levels>gta5>vehicles.rpf

after that put handling.meta in x64w.rpf>dlcpacks>spupgrade>dlc.rpf>common>data

Voila! now all dodos in GTA universe will be replaced with rye and sons dodo

open RyeAndSons.oiv with openiv to automatically install, if it does not work then manually install as instructed above



- Fixed Dials
- Completely Remade The Plane (other than the livery)
- Added A New Gun (with mount)
- Potential Fix To White Interior When At Distance

- Fixes Some Small Issues
- Fixes Annihilator LOD Appearing (this was left over from when I ripped the MG, I forgot to delete the LOD models)
- Adds Optional Add-On Version

Known Bugs
- MG Mount Can Look A Bit Funky Depending On How You Look At It (fixing this right now)
- Player Cannot See The Propeller In First Person

Derpy-Canadian - Adding Machine Gun and adding Rye and Sons logo to livery
HeySlickThatsMe - Creating livery, adding numbers to livery, figuring out the perfect spot to put logo
Pantyshot - Cover screenshot
Kahn/Vans123 - Helping me fix everything I fixed in 2.1 update
Rennie - Making Addon Version For Me
Rockstar Games - Making The Original Models (The dodo and MG model)

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Far Cry 5 Rye & Sons Seaplane [Add-On/Replace]
Far Cry 5 Rye & Sons Seaplane [Add-On/Replace] Far Cry 5 Rye & Sons Seaplane [Add-On/Replace] Far Cry 5 Rye & Sons Seaplane [Add-On/Replace] Far Cry 5 Rye & Sons Seaplane [Add-On/Replace] Far Cry 5 Rye & Sons Seaplane [Add-On/Replace]

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