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Expanded F-15J Skins - Task Force 606 JASDF

Author: Naruto 607
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Date: 22.12.2017
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This skin package is intended for SkylineGTRFreak's F-15J Eagle mod that can be found here.

It adds 2 fictional skins for the F-15J:

Plain Task Force 606
Aerobatic Task Force 606

These skins are modeled on my own, based from the Flaming Cliffs 2 TC Mod made by me using a template for F-15C by Gys @ LockOnFiles/Digital Combat Simulator.

JASDF Task Force 606 (a.k.a. TF606) is a task force squadron whose the primary goal is to seek peace in the Ninja World.
TF606 has 300 highly trained air force and air SDF pilots from all around the world, even the Spetsnaz and Kopassus were included.
Squadron was led by Head of the Air Defense Forces in the Eastern Coast, Lt. Gen. Tanaka Sarutobi, and now replaced in 2017 by the 7th Hokage and the Supreme Commander of JASDF in Eastern Coast region, Gen. Naruto Uzumaki.
First-time built the squadron flies 16 Mirage 2000C fighters from France and are now retired from service - it instead transferred its ownership to Armeé de l'Air's EC 01.005 Vendeé squadron stationed in Tanaka Airport, Airfield, and Air Force Museum.
Rumors said that Mitsubishi failed to convert a Mirage 2000C into Mirage 2000J due to the financial problems.

The squadron now lived its reputation as the most experienced and highly trained squadron in all the Japan and the Ninja World.
It has several branches; one that is famous is the Presidential Escort Tactical Squadron (PETS), its task is a VIP escort in the skies.

Current aircrafts: 20 F-15J, 20 F-2A, 12 F-4EJ, 8 AH-64E, 4 Mi-35M, 4 Mi-28N, 1 Oban-class Airship
Current weapons: AAM-3, AAM-4, AAM-5, AGM-114R, AIM-7M, AIM-9L, 9M114, Igla-S, S-8, S-13, Hydra-70, Guns, Spiral missile

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Expanded F-15J Skins - Task Force 606 JASDF
Expanded F-15J Skins - Task Force 606 JASDF

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