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Revamped IV Weapons 1.4

Author: sirebire999
Date: 14.07.2023
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*Version 1.4*
(Please get Lenol03's HD Weapons Pack first)

Hello Renegades

You're in for a real treat...

This simple mod overhauls the guns in GTA IV

Someday soon I will release my addon version for the "Actual Complete Edition Mod"

"Lenol03's HD weapons" are highly recommended when using this
including these requirements:

-Improved Animations

-HQ Scope Reticles

-Bullet Spread/Recoil Fix

You will experience more realistic damage, ammo capacity (& decreased carrying capacity) and "faster firing rates" for each gun

There is an optional version of this where ammo carrying capacity is more reduced as well
The Hardcore and Brutal setting is for real challenge and tediously buying ammo more often

And optional weaponinfo for replacement guns I like to play around with

Take for example the vanilla micro uzi had a very meagre rate of fire

Now it will have the 1200–1500 rounds/min the original IMI Micro Uzi it is based from
using a 32 round magazine instead of the 50 rd the vanilla gun has

The M4A1 Carbine also has close to real full auto fire rate (much faster than vanilla)

So please enjoy this new fast intense lead throwing action fun

(1.4 updates)

-few weaponinfo fixes
-Glock now has faster trigger
-adjusted AA-12 fire rates (with new options)
-added RC street sweeper setup w/ new anim
-Street Sweeper drive-by use
-fixed Benelli damage w/ faster trigger
-new Gold uzi damage and fire rate fix
-HQ reticle for Draganov replacement added
-Custom made HQ reticle for PSG1
-New vehicle buffs (WIP)
-New weapon sound mix (my preference sourced from other sound mods)


-Launch Open IV

-Simply drop desired files in GTA IV/common/data directory


-Glock 17: More damage and faster trigger
-Desert Eagle: The .50 AE round...

-Pump Action: 5 round tube but decent damage with faster racking (replacement options avalable)
-Combat Shotgun: 8 round tube, greater power, range and fast trigger (replacement options)

-MP5: More range and better accuracy (two handed now as well)

-AK: High damage and penetration but reduced accuracy
-M4: High rate of fire & greater range (lighter ammo means can carry more)

Snipers (I used nut shots as reference to adjust damage lol)
-Bolt Action: 5 rounds (or optional 10 rd) slow but does the job
-Combat Sniper: You have replacement options...

-Grenades and Molotov carry capacity reduced

-CZ75("semi auto" pistol lol R*): Much faster full auto firing rate, magazine reduced to 16

-Sawn off Shotgun: quicker trigger succession, very devastating damage and force

-Street Sweeper: Magazine increased to 12, reduced firing rate (full auto option included)

-Grenade launcher: reduced capacity, increased range/fuse time

-Pipe Bomb: carry capacity reduced, more explosive force

-Replacement options

-Auto Mag Pistol: Deadly damage and force, magazine reduced to 7

-ep2 Desert Eagle: options for .44 rm (8 round mag), .357 magnum (9 round mag) or 50 AE

-Gold Uzi: Reduced rate of fire, magazine increased to 32

-P90: Increased rate of fire, very accurate and very deadly

-AA12: Reduced to true rate of fire (as best I could), explosive variant more powerful

-M249: Remember... No Bowling.....

-DSR1: Big Game, Big Pain...

-Grenade Launcher: reduced capacity, increased range/fuse time

-Stick Bombs: More explosive force, reduced capacity

-More Replacement Options

DISCLAIMER: Don't be an idiot. Know the gun. Respect the gun. Know the responsibility. Respect the Power.

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Revamped IV Weapons 1.4
Revamped IV Weapons 1.4 Revamped IV Weapons 1.4 Revamped IV Weapons 1.4

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