GTA IV: Trainers

4Fun Trainer 2.00 fix

Author: Jachu123 | Email
Date: 10.11.2009
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Num0 + num1 - Spawn armed ped with shotgun.
Num0 + num2 - Spawn armed ped with ak47.
num0 + num3 - Spawn armed ped with grenade.
num0 + num4 - Spawn ped.
num0 + num5 - Spawn male ped.
num0 + num6 - Spawn female ped.
num0 + num7 - Spawn driver.
num0 + num8 - Set player invisible.
num0 + num9 - Set player visible.

num. + num1 - Make blue neon.
num. + num2 - Move player on roof of car.
num. + num3 - Set car invisible.
num. + num4 - set car visible.
num. + num5 - Car/Player godmode ON.
num. + num6 - Car/Player godmode OFF.

num+ + num1 - Attach car wreck to your car.
num+ + num2 - Attach trex bones to your car.
num+ + num3 - Attach small plane to your car.
num+ + num4 - Attach burning barrel to your car.
num+ + num5 - Attach trolley to your car.
num+ + num6 - Attach paper car to your car.
num+ + num7 - Attach big paper car to your car.
num+ + num8 - Attach yellow game cube to your car.
num+ + num9 - Attach pink game cube to your car.

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4Fun Trainer 2.00 fix

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