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NativeUI IV

Author: ItsClonkAndre
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Date: 29.11.2020
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NativeUI IV
Update: Version 0.8
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A ScriptHookDotNet based library to easily create your own Rockstar like menus.

NativeUI Documentation:

- Controller support
- Event-based callbacks

Current menu items:
- Default menuitem to show text can also be used as a button
- A checkbox.

You can give every item a description.
You can also enable or disable items.

Version history:
- 0.8 : The menu is now scrollable!
- 0.7 : Now with animated banner support!
- 0.6 : The letter "g" will no longer be cut off from the text.
- 0.5 :
- - (!) Changed the class name "NativeUI.Menu" to "NativeUI.UIMenu" to prevent conflictions between "System.Windows.Forms.Menu" and "NativeUI.Menu".
- - Added the ability to bind menus to default items. With that, you can create an easy nested menu system.
- 0.4 : Added sounds for navigating through the menu or clicking on items. Sounds can be enabled or disabled with: NativeUI.Menu.Options.enableMenuSounds
- 0.3 :
- - Selected item index and max items (1 / 7) changes it's position now dynamically through it's lenght.
- - Added the ability to use custom icons on default menu items.
- 0.2 : Added a list item
- 0.1 : Release

Known bugs:
- Item description rectangle does not adapt to description text. If anyone knows how to fix this, please contact me.

Inspired by NativeUI for GTA 5.

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NativeUI IV
NativeUI IV NativeUI IV NativeUI IV NativeUI IV

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