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COD4 Price Missions

Author: CORE.MAX2010 and, Dr.Shock
Date: 07.06.2011
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COD4 Price Missions

This is a complete HD Skin, Clothes and Stuffs pack inspired in Call of Duty 4 Presindible Crew and Blackout missions
(Do you remember COD MW Presindible Crew and Blackout missions?)

Credit to Dr. Shock who give Artistical and Tecnical Support and made the AMAZING Captain Price Skin.
Clothes and Stuffs by CORE.MAX2010

All Components made in COD MW Presindible Crew and Blackout Missions Style
1.- Normal Maps and Specular maps
2.- Black Winter Hat
3.- Green Camo Hat
4.- Gas Mask
5.- Helmets + Glasses
6.- Head
7.- Gloves (black and green camo)
8.- Tactical Vest and Assault Jacket (black and green camo)
9.- Cargo Pants (black and green camo)
10.- Boots (black and brown )
11.- Black Ear Device

To Install the Skin and Ear Device
1.- Remember backup all originals files before
2.- Open SparkIV and replace files from playerped rpf folder to pc \ models \ cdimages \ playerped.rpf
3.- Save and exit

To Install the (Black or Green Camo) Clothes
1.- Open SparkIV and replace files from (Back or Green Camo) Clothes folder to pc \ models \ cdimages \ playerped.rpf
2.- Save and exit

To install the (Black Winter or Green Camo) Hat
1.-Chose the( Black Winter or Green Camo) Hat folder and
2.- Replace files to pc \ models \ cdimages \ pedprops.img

1.- You must use Spark IV Tool, Download from
2.- Install it
3.- You should use Simple Native Trainer 5.2 (or upper) Download from mods/show.php?id=5646
4.- Install it.
5.- Select Model spawning...clothes menu... (here you can select: the Ear device in Special, Gloves in hands, Hats, Helmets and Gas mask in Hats)
6.- To use the Green Camo Hat please before go to Model spawning...clothes menu... Hair and select: no hair option ( then select the green camo hat)

Ready for play... Have Fun...

If you want to upload remember to say CORE.MAX2010 made it

Any Question?... write to [email protected]

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COD4 Price Missions

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