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Fixed & Improved FIB

Author: BDawg
Date: 28.07.2020
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Since the game's release, the FIB have been broken & poorly configured. Due to faulty code, the FIB would never spawn with alternative head textures (or models if they were added) via wanted level spawns (the issue is not present in missions where they are scripted to appear). On top of that, they were never set to use their voice pack or hats either. This mod fixes these issues while adding some improvements;

- Lack of head variation is fixed by swapping the places of the head and badge (suse) meshes (can't believe that worked without causing any issues, cool workaround instead of having to learn to fix the actual game code);
- FIB can now talk and wear hats (glasses purposely left disabled because none of the other officers use them either, you can enable them by adding p_eyes to their pedvariations);
- The badge is now in higher quality (less artifacted) and consistent with game lore (says ''Federal Investigation Bureau'' instead of ''Federal Bureau of Investigation'');
- Pants are now clean (less artifacted);
- Extra hat texture variation.

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Fixed & Improved FIB

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