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Fly Mod v1.0

Author: HDN
Date: 19.12.2013
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FlyMod ver 1.0
by HDN
**Why do I make this mod**
I love Iron man mod, but there're so many unnecessary commands in Iron-man script, some commands even affect my other mods. In other word, Iron-man mod wastes so much pc's resouces.
so I decide to make a fine calculating FlyMod, this will save a lot of pc's resources.
copy the file Fly.cs to your scripts folder, if you don't have a scripts folder, you have to install Script Hook dot Net first.
This mod uses parachute animation from TBoGT, so if you wanna play this mod with GTA4 or TLaD, you have to import parachute.wad to them (with OpenIV).
I don't have OpenIV (I only have SparkIV, because I like to use portable program) so I just use this mod with TBoGT.
Hold Jump key then press M : toggle Flight mode.
while Flight mode ON:
Hold Jump key then press N : toggle NoClip mode.
Hold Jump key then press B : toggle Look Out mode.
If you're stuck in water by accidents, use NoClip mode to escape from the deadly water.

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Fly Mod v1.0
Fly Mod v1.0 Fly Mod v1.0

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