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Assassination Mod V1.0

Author: TaazR
Date: 16.07.2013
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This is an updated version of "Assassination Mod 0.6 by odiomoratti" which you can find here --->

-What does the mod do?:
Go to any payphone in the city and call the contact by pressing 'E' (action button), or simply visit him in middle park, and he will give you a random target to kill, and often the target must be killed in a certain way for more money (called 'extra' missions)! The mod is meant for GTA IV, but you can still play on EFLC, but you will miss out on some minor features.

Since the mod was unfinished I decided to add many fun and interesting features which greatly improve the mod:

Changelog from odiomoratti's version:
-I added much more 'extra' missions
-You now make between $7500 - $15000 for a standard hit.(more for 'extra' missions)
-Added missions where the player must be wearing certain clothes. (only works for GTA IV)
-Added missions where the player must be driving a certain vehicle to begin.
-Added some 'timed' missions
-Added missions where player needs to dispose of the target's vehicle
-Added 'Toggle Assassin Gear' (balaclava & fingerless gloves) on Niko when pressing 'K' in a vehicle. (only works for GTA IV)
-Added minor support for EFLC.
-Added more bodyguard models.
-Added 'total assassinations completed' counter.
-Fixed minor bugs & issues.

-Tested on GTA IV 100% save.


You NEED scripthook v1.7.1.7 to play! If it doesn't work you are most likely running an earlier version of scripthook. Download v1.7.1.7 here -->

Finally, most of the credit goes to "odiomoratti". I didn't make this mod, I simply updated his mod because he was inactive.

If you have any issues, leave a comment or send me a message on my youtube -->

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Assassination Mod V1.0
Assassination Mod V1.0 Assassination Mod V1.0 Assassination Mod V1.0

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