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Radar Speedometer

Author: oinkoink,Sergey-Lord,Mr.Lowrey
Date: 29.12.2010
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This is mod for GTA IV,it's Speedometer

Rockstar Games maked a game called GTA IV but in all they games they don't put speedometer,so I and 2 more peoples maked a speedometer!

SpeedoIV.asi and ScriptHook.dll--->oinkoink

Config.ini and Pin line--->Sergey-Lord

Bck.png,Pin Arrow and Read Me!--->Mr.Lowrey (me)

**Content (tools)**

1. xlive.dll is Aru's ASI Loader so you need it to start speedometer

2.ScriptHook.dll is part of Speedometer but I'm not sure (sorry)

3.SpeedoIV.asi is file what you need for load this speedometer :D


1.You have to choose Pin line or Pin Arrow,Pin Line is line witch shows a fast of your speed,Pine Arrowis arrow witch shows a fast of your speed---->That is just designe
it isn't so Important,just choose one of them!

2.When you choose your Pin,unpack all this files on simply:Desktop and put your Pin in the Default folder SpeedoIV>Default (you must put it there)

3.Go to your GTA IV Root folder and make a backup of ScriptHook.dll and xlive.dll

4.Now when you maked backup of .dll files,cut or copy all this files ( xlive.dll,ScriptHook.dll,SpeedoIV.asi and SpeedoIV folder) in you GTA IV Directory ex. C:/Program Files/Rockstar Games/Grand Thesft Auto IV

5.Start game,Enter vehicle and Enjoy!

Thanks for downloading,Enjoy and have fun!

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Radar Speedometer

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