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Another One Map and Radar

Author: donnits, CGI4U, retarded_chicken
Date: 28.05.2022
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Another One Map and Radar

Map assets by donnits
Blips and some other icons by CGI4U
Altered look by retarded_chicken

This mod uses blips from another mod "CG4 Radar & Map Mod" by CGi4U released a decade ago.
If you have a 4k monitor, you can try these icons by RealZolika1351:
Original topic on gtaforums with map assets:

You have two options:
Compressed (DXT1)
Uncompressed (A8R8G8B8)

Each of the options also contains several resolutions: 2048, 4096, 6144.
This only applies to the general view of the map when you open the menu, as well as the first few steps of scrolling. When zooming in, the game will switch the map to other textures, which are essentially one 6144 texture, separated into many 512 pieces.

IMPORTANT! If you choose A8R8G8B8 with 4096 or 6144 resolution, then I have no idea if your game will work. I have a potato-PC and when I select A8R8G8B8 4096, when I press pause, I get first a blackscreen and then a crash. At the same time, A8R8G8B8 2048 works fine.
You can safely use the radar.img with A8R8G8B8, if it works on my PC, then it should definitely work on yours.
There are no problems with DXT1, even if you choose 6144
The uncompressed option appeared only because I did not like how the original colors are distorted when compressed in the DXT1 format.
If you compare how the island (where the Statue of Happiness is located) looks like with and without compression, you will see that in the version with compression, the gray color is mixed with purple. And it appears all over the map. It is for this reason that there is an uncompressed version.

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Another One Map and Radar
Another One Map and Radar Another One Map and Radar Another One Map and Radar Another One Map and Radar Another One Map and Radar

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