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Beta Badger Phone

Author: Golden Saddle
Date: 23.06.2021
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This mod adds the beta version of Niko's Badger cellphone which is the one Roman gives to Niko at the start of the game during. The beta version was also seen in the cutscenes and in the trailers along with one of the in-game tv shows. This mod replaces both phones Niko gets in the game With the one seen in the beta so it is sadly not compatible with my whiz phone mod (the game uses the same model for both phones with the exception of the keypads). If you own the whiz phone in the story, this mod has a wallpaper background theme for it. I have also included two option files with a different in-game model and keypad buttons.

The Main File Phone models were made by theNGclan, huge credit to them for making their beta phone mod. You can checkout Some of their other mods for other GTA games from III - V Here:

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Beta Badger Phone
Beta Badger Phone

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