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New Bridge to Alqonguin, Charge Island and Dukes

Author: Carrythxd
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Date: 03.04.2011
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Bridge have 151 objects and it's located in Alqonguin, near Niko's Alqonguin Safe House, or on Charge Island's road to down or in Dukes near the landfill. Bridge is good way to get fast to Charge Island, Alqonguin or to Dukes if you don't want to use public roads, boats can go under the bridge so they won't get stuck to the bridge. Bridge is good way to lose cops or some players if you play without Blips, and what is good thing too is that this Bridge loads very slowly, so it's very slow to load and fast to delete. I haven't tested what is the speedlimit on this bridge but it can be pretty high :) There is two lanes and one intersection, intersection have three STOPS sing that you know that you gotta stop and fence that you don't drop to water. Remember to brake to those STOP sings :D Please Report to me if there is any bug or some mistake. Of if you just wanna ask me something, just ask it in Comments or send me message to YouTube (Carrythxd) or to [email protected]

I'm making V2. On V2 I add new bridge to Broker and to that freeway what goes over Charge Island.

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New Bridge to Alqonguin, Charge Island and Dukes

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