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Huge Stunt Park

Author: Carrythxd
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Date: 20.11.2010
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This track have 216 objects and it's located in LC Airport. When I was filming this I had really hard time to keeping my car alive :) Coz track was so hard, those some jumps are very diffecult, if you try to keep your on wheels. I had to drive this on track on XBOX 360 Controller but I tryed it on Keyboard too and it works.
Track have couple objects over that limit so I recocommed to use this in SingPlayer or of course if you want you can use this in MultiPlayer. If you wanna drive this with friend, give this file to your friend and when you both download it in game both see it. Track is hard to drive on sportcar or on some normal car like Sultan, Admiral, Manana,... etc. Best it's to drive it on Patriot, Rancher, Cavalcade, Cavalcade FXT,...etc. On normal car this might be pretty hard =)
If you find some bug or something else say it on Comments or send me message to [email protected] or to YouTube (Carrythxd).

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Huge Stunt Park

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