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Project Space IV (R.5)

Author: metalwars
Date: 06.11.2021
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GTA IV mod by metalwars
Project Space IV for GTAIV & EFLC
This mod still WIP (Public Release 5)

Project Space & planetary explores mod
This is not actual real world scale, just scenery with game limitations
View distance is big problem in this game
Sometimes you can found visual glitch out there
Edge of the map is another problem too (Map modder know it)
So, I put everything object at the center of the map
You need climb more higher to reach this
This is the best thing that I can do
Please follow my channel for the project updates

Progress Done R.1:
- Add Moon & Mars Planet
- High Resolution Earth, Moon & Mars Texture
- Add High Altitude Atmosphere (Earth & Mars)

Progress Done R.2:
- Add Two Layer Clouds (Low & High Altitude)
- Improve Volumetric Atmosphere (Earth & Mars)
- Add 3 International Space Stations (ISS)

Progress Done R.3:
- Add Fictional Motherships Fleet & Space Stations
- Add Asteroid Rock & Asteroid Belt

Progress Done R.4:
- Add Moonbase & Props
- Add Marsbase & Props

Progress Done R.5:
- Add Alien Spaceships
- Add Blackhole With Tesseract Inside
- And More Fixed...

1. Please follow the installation instructions carefully
2. This mod include Air Combat IV by JulioNIB for easy Install (with my small edits)
3. This mod include Fictional Aircraft models convert with jet config by Me. Install one of the model you like
4. Recommended install Jetpack scripts mod by JulioNIB:
5. Recommended install Niko Steel Armor by Me:

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Project Space IV (R.5)
Project Space IV (R.5) Project Space IV (R.5) Project Space IV (R.5) Project Space IV (R.5) Project Space IV (R.5) Project Space IV (R.5) Project Space IV (R.5)

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