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Liberty Alive: V1 Refuel

Author: nabo45, Scott1 | Email
Date: 25.08.2023
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Update 10/03-2024 - Liberty Alive V1.2:

Navmesh support for RON East Hook
Additional props in RON Hove Beach

Update 29/02-2024 - Liberty Alive V1.1:

New interior for the Terroil Gas Station in Algonquin
New props in some of the other interiors

Bug fixes:

Tested and working on IV and Not compatible with EFLC at this time.

Object count in the .ide's has been fixed, so objects inside the interiors spawn correctly now
Portals now have the right flags and the right objects connected to them

Liberty Alive transforms Grand Theft Auto IV's backdrop and revitalizes Liberty City by adding new interiors to otherwise empty shells, adding new features to places where there previously weren't any, and by enhancing the immersion of the game. The vision is that future releases will add interiors to coffee shops, police stations, hotel rooms et cetera.

The first release of this mod series Liberty Alive: V1 Refuel adds new interiors to most gas stations throughout Liberty City, complete with gas station attendants, new lore friendly props, first aid kits, ambient sounds, parking spaces, and much more.


- New interiors for most gas stations in Liberty City
- New lore friendly props
- New parking spaces
- More health pickups
- Full cash registers
- Gas station attendants
- And much, much more!

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Liberty Alive: V1 Refuel
Liberty Alive: V1 Refuel Liberty Alive: V1 Refuel Liberty Alive: V1 Refuel Liberty Alive: V1 Refuel Liberty Alive: V1 Refuel

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