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Vapid Dominator ASP (+TUNING)

Author: RealZolika1351
Date: 22.07.2021
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Filesize: 46.127 MB

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The Vapid Dominator ASP from the Los Santos Tuners update converted to GTA IV with most tuning parts kept and fully usable, along with a moving steerng wheel and all liveries.
I've included the .max project file for anyone who wants to make their own fully tunable car.

REQUIRES v65.0 or newer of Zolika1351's Trainer/Mod Menu to work, otherwise the car is completely unusable. v66.0 or newer recommended to avoid instability because of the high amount of tuning parts on this car.
PUT DOMINATOR7.DAT INTO THE "carmods" FOLDER! (if it doesn't exist, create a folder called "carmods" in your game folder and put the .dat there)

Use to make the steering wheel move and unlock the 4 livery limit

WARNING: This car (non-stable version) is pushing the game to its absolute limits with 111 tuning parts, it is guaranteed to be at least somewhat unstable, it's highly recommended to not hit anything and to never shoot the car to avoid crashes.

dominator7, dominator7, car, SABREGT, SABREGT, [email protected], NULL, 100, 999, 0.2240, 0.2240, 0, 5, 1.0 ,0, wheelangle:-18.409+livery
vehshareV, vehshare
race_interior, vehshareV
dominator7, race_interior

dominator7, 0,0,49, 38,38,85, 0,97,102, 3,0,12, 6,6,4, 11,4,12, 13,13,12, 16,95,90, 24,1,12, 21,21,12, 23,23,2, 31,31,27, 32,113,34, 34,12,34, 49,13,41, 52,0,59, 62,13,69, 76,4,76, 82,85,76, 87,8,76, 89,0,4, 92,95,90, 95,95,2, 106,103,2,

Tuning part count: 111
Tuning part list:
Stickerbomb Performance Hood
Carbon Performance Hood
Secondary Performance Hood
Primary Performance Hood
Stickerbomb Race Hood
Carbon Race Hood
Secondary Race Hood
Primary Race Hood
Stickerbomb Vented Hood
Carbon Vented Hood
Secondary Vented Hood
Primary Vented Hood
Secondary Plastic Scoop Hood
Primary Plastic Scoop Hood
Stickerbomb Scoop Hood
Carbon Scoop Hood
Secondary Scoop Hood
Primary Scoop Hood
Stickerbomb GT Hood
Carbon GT Hood
Secondary GT Hood
Primary GT Hood
Stickerbomb Stock Hood
Carbon Stock Hood
Secondary Stock Hood
Stock Hood
Stock Spoiler
Secondary Stock Spoiler
Primary Ducktail
Secondary Ducktail
Plastic Ducktail
Carbon Ducktail
Primary Bolt-On Ducktail
Secondary Bolt-On Ducktail
Carbon Bolt-On Ducktail
Primary Drag Spoiler
Secondary Drag Spoiler
Carbon Drag Spoiler
Primary Arrow Wing
Secondary Arrow Wing
Carbon Arrow Wing
Primary Low Level GT Wing
Secondary Low Level GT Wing
Carbon Low Level GT Wing
Primary Mid Level GT Wing
Secondary Mid Level GT Wing
Plastic Mid Level GT Wing
Primary High GT Wing
Secondary High GT Wing
Plastic High GT Wing
Secondary Trunk
Stock Trunk
Secondary Bolt-On GT Bumper
Primary Bolt-On GT Bumper
Secondary Twin Wedges
Primary Twin Wedges
Sec. Extended Lip Bumper
Primary Extended Lip Bumper
Secondary Arc Racer Bumper
Primary Arc Racer Bumper
Secondary Aggressor Bumper
Primary Aggressor Bumper
Secondary Bolt-On Bumper
Primary Bolt-On Bumper
Secondary Street Bumper
Primary Street Bumper
Stock Front Bumper
Secondary GT MK2 Bumper
Primary GT MK2 Bumper
Secondary GT Bumper
Primary GT Bumper
Secondary Street Bumper
Primary Street Bumper
Sec. Black Lip Bumper
Prim. Black Lip Bumper
Sec. Aero Bumper
Primary Aero Bumper
Secondary Smooth Bumper
Primary Smooth Bumper
Secondary Bumper
Stock Bumper
Padded Full Roll Cage
Full Roll Cage
Padded Dash Dodger Cage
Dash Dodger Cage
Street Half Cage
Secondary GT Skirts
Primary GT Skirts
Secondary Ridged Skirts
Primary Ridged Skirts
Secondary Extension Skirts
Primary Extension Skirts
Secondary Performance Skirts
Primary Performance Skirts
Secondary Street Skirts
Primary Street Skirts
Secondary Racing Skirts
Primary Racing Skirts
Secondary Tuner Skirts
Primary Tuner Skirts
Secondary Extended Skirts
Primary Extended Skirts
Secondary Lip Skirts
Primary Lip Skirts
Stock Skirts
Black Sunstrip
Primary Sunstrip
Secondary Sunstrip

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Vapid Dominator ASP (+TUNING)
Vapid Dominator ASP (+TUNING) Vapid Dominator ASP (+TUNING) Vapid Dominator ASP (+TUNING) Vapid Dominator ASP (+TUNING)

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