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Karin Ensenada [V2.1]

Author: Thundersmacker | Email
Date: 09.12.2017
Downloads: 7271 | Statistics
Filesize: 5.08 MB

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Born in Baja.


Tear up the dirt and the streets with a revision of one of my personal favorite mods.

Multiple newly added details are present, mostly in the under body frame and rear section of the truck.

New tire meshes and textures from the Cunning Stunts Vapid Trophy Truck.

The lights mounted on the windscreen frame are now the proper lights, plus a yellow rear marker light has been added.

An all new revised interior from the Omnis convert for a more accurate racing setup.

The Ensenada has been reduced in size to match the proportions of the real "Ironman" Toyota racing truck.

There are two livery sets to choose from, with five brand new liverys along with the originals. Refer to the individual folders for info on which livery is in which set.

Just like the original model, it has proper LOD's.


Original body scratch made by Thundersmacker.

Other car parts from GTA IV and GTA V cars by Rockstar Games.

"Crossflow", "Endo Racing Wheels", and "BJGoodhead" logos made by Boywond.

Windscreen frame decals also made by Boywond.

Livery template made by Da7K.


You can replace any 2-door vehicle with the Ensenada. Though it would be recommended to add it rather than replace another car.

If you are going to replace a existing car, I would recommend replacing the Sultan RS. This way you'll have a way for the vehicle to spawn outside of a trainer.

Update V2.1 Changelog:

-fixed door, bonnet, and boot physics so that they should now react to the cars movement when open.


This vehicle will likely cause the infamous taxi bug in your game due to it's higher file size.

I would highly recommend using RIL.Budgeted by NTAuthority to remedy the bug.

Here is a link:

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Karin Ensenada [V2.1]
Karin Ensenada [V2.1] Karin Ensenada [V2.1] Karin Ensenada [V2.1] Karin Ensenada [V2.1] Karin Ensenada [V2.1] Karin Ensenada [V2.1] Karin Ensenada [V2.1]

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