GTA IV: Boats


Author: Switch Designs
Date: 27.10.2009
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This mod will change your jetmax boats in GTAIV into a highly edited version of my very own submarine model used as mods in GTAVC and GTASA. This craft drives on top of the water like a boat and can be used in a multiplayer game how ever if you would like it to drive under water like a submarine as well then you will need to change handling info which will cause you to no longer be able to play online! I have changed this submarine model a lot since it's first introduction way back in GTAVC. It now has some new textures, model changes like added water vents, new handling and it just looks a lot better than it ever has in any other GTA game. Plus it comes in multi colors that can be changed in the carcols.dat file.

The driving underwater part of this mod is a little strange seeing as the camera does not like to follow the craft underwater due to the way water works in GTAIV. To get it to go under water you must get the nose of the craft pointing downward. One way of getting this to happen is by hitting reverse while moving forward and then once the craft tips forward give it the gas and it should plow under the water.

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