A large collection of new effects and music.

Author: devnobat
Date: 09.11.2015
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1. Dwelling Claude (Portland) Subject movie "Reservoir Dogs".
2. Club Luigi (Rear entrance) dance "Caen-Caen".
3. Luigi's club (Forward course) 1) ABBA Group of "Money-Money" 2) Subject movie "Striptease".
4. Laundry (Chayna Taun) Subject movie "Desperado".
5. Restaurant (Chayna Taun) Subject "Tea Tserimoniya".
6. Tony's restaurant Subject "Hey Mambo Italy".
7. Martie's factory Subject "Dog Valls".
8. Salvatore Tem's piano movie "Godfather".
9. Party Maria Theme Verka-Serdyuchka's party "Everything will be good".
10. A party of Cops LUBEH Group "we Will break the Opera".
11. Earphones of the Passerby CINEMA Group "Pack of cigarettes".
12. Shop Tom Jones Subject movie "Sex Bomb".
+ BONUS 1) Signal of the Van of the Iceman "Ekto 1".
2) Signal of Podnyatiya Bridge "Beep".
3) An alarm signal in the Police Station "Siren".
4) Claude's death "As in GTA 5" (CLEO Is necessary).
5) Mission Is taken place "Contra NES" (Just to throw in the Audio folder).
6) Pager Group of PAIN (Ringtone) "Shut Your Mouth".
7) Falling of Sleeves "More realistic sound" (CLEO Is necessary).
8) Garage Door, Entrance Door (2 options ) and Dates "Servomotor".
9) Call of the Stationary Phone Payphone.
10) The Car alarm system "A cry from the Antivirus".
11) The sinking of the ship, the subject of the movie "Titanic" (Just to throw in the Audio folder).
12) Superior sound of the sea and the cries of gulls (Just to throw in the Audio folder).

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A large collection of new effects and music.

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