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GTA3 Trainer Cheat Menu

Author: Vissan_Ban
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Date: 13.11.2022
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Oct. 2022. Written by Vissan Ban(濬池山海 PanHuishan).
Cheat menu for Cluade in Liberty city of GTA3. Made by Vissan Ban, based on Bilinmeyen Bey.

(1) Add a visual menu to use easily.
(2) All Hot keys are ditributed scientifically, then select fuction option according to the cheat menu.
(3) Fixed a bug in "weapon spawn" of previous script, and now you could spawn 12 kinds of weapons in game and, "igniter" is included additionally.
(4) Add 2 function options for "time adjust" and "skin change", compiled by myself. You could select 8 time points and 29 game characters in total.
(5) In the misc option, a function to clear wanted level is added , besides, the function for spawn money is transferred to it from previous "cash.cs" file.
(6) Add a function option for "mission load", whose author is Lost_Foever, dim aka d88. It's worth saying that I successfully fixed the code of this script, now you can confirm to load mission for one key (Enter key) , instead of two keys to load mission in previous such as turn left key with confirm key or turn right key with confirm key, isn't that troublesome? You could load mission correctly for the number from 0 to 79, the mission list has been listed in .fxt file.
(7) Now there are 10 main fuction options including VEHICLE, TELEPORT, OBJECT, ALLY, WEATHER, MISC, WEAPON, SKIN, TIME and MISSION.

Put all files in GTA3 CLEO folder.

(1) Press "~ key " with number key (not keypad) to open.
(2) "left arrow key" , "right arrow key" and "enter key" to select.
(3) "backspace key" to exit.

Tencent QQ number: 1975137534
Wechat ID: Vissan_Ban
Twitter : Vissan3Ban
GitHub: Vissan-Ban

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GTA3 Trainer Cheat Menu
GTA3 Trainer Cheat Menu GTA3 Trainer Cheat Menu GTA3 Trainer Cheat Menu GTA3 Trainer Cheat Menu GTA3 Trainer Cheat Menu

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