V12 swapped Sentinel

Author: deltaSPX
Date: 29.09.2020
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Before you RATE - Please note that this has been made for myself and is made from Vice City Def. Edition, also please NOTE THAT I DO NOT take credit for the model, basic texture (I only edited them) and handling, this is just a compliation!

Gives you a "slightly tuned v12" Sentinel to roam around in the game.

Car is insanely capable of drifting and speeding and just just a great all-around-car.
Drift handling is not overdone it can be driven as a normal car, to drift hold handbrake and give it a little gas! The car is very fun to drive even when just cruising around the town!

Handling was found on the internet, model is from Gta Vice City Definitive Edition package, using higher res textures ( I do not know exact origin).
So recommended to use with Vice City Definitive Edition but should work fine on vanilla.

"Mafia" retexture done by me, gave this 80-s fridge nose a brand new look.
Pick up the car in black for the finest looks.

I do not take credit for anything but compiling many things together and retexturing the car a bit. All in all - a nice combo to have.

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V12 swapped Sentinel
V12 swapped Sentinel V12 swapped Sentinel V12 swapped Sentinel V12 swapped Sentinel

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