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NextGen Cars Pack FULL [UPDATE]

Author: Hellen, Till Lindermann
Date: 23.05.2018
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That's Me and My Friend Till Lindermann again! And we replace all GTA3 cars with NextGen Cars.
Carpack includes 65 vehicles. 4 as Bonus Cars.

Car List:
landstal - GTA4 Landstalker
idaho - GTA4 Virgo
stinger - GTA4 Feltzer
linerun - GTA5 Packer
peren - GTA4 Stratum
sentinel - GTA5 Oracle2
patriot - GTA4 Patriot
firetruk - GTA4 Firetruk
trash - GTA4 Trash
stretch - GTA4 Stretch
manana - GTA4 Futo
infernus - GTA5 Penetrator
blista - GTA4 Minivan
pony - GTA4 Speedo
mule - GTA4 Mule
cheetah - GTA4 Turismo
ambulan - GTA4 Ambulance
fbicar - GTA5 Police4
moonbeam - GTA4 Moonbeam
esperant - GTA4 Sabre
taxi - GTA4 Taxi
kuruma - GTA4 Premier
bobcat - GTA4 E109
mrwhoop - GTA4 MrTasty
bfinject - GTA5 Bifta
corpse - GTA4 Romero
police - GTA4 Police
enforcer - GTA4 NStockade
securica - GTA4 Stockade
banshee - GTA4 Coquette
predator - GTA4 Predator
bus - GTA4 Bus
rhino - GTA4 Apc
barracks - GTA5 Barracks
train - GTA4 Subway
chopper - GTA4 Polmav
dodo - GTA5 Mammatus
coach - GTA5 Coach
cabbie - GTA4 Taxi2
stallion - GTA4 Tampa
rumpo - GTA4 Burrito
rcbandit - GTA5 RCHotring
bellyup - GTA4 Mule
mrwongs - GTA4 Mule
mafia - GTA4 Cognoscenti
yardie - GTA5 Faction2
yakuza - GTA5 Elegy
diablos - GTA4 Dukes
columb - GTA4 FXT
hoods - GTA4 GBurrito
airtrain - GTA5 Jet
deaddodo - GTA5 Mammatus
speeder - GTA4 Jetmax
reefer - GTA4 Reefer
panlant - GTA5 Burrito4
flatbed - GTA5 Flatbed
yankee - GTA4 Yankee2
escape - GTA5 Valkyrie
borgnine - GTA4 Cabby
toyz - GTA5 Speedo2
ghost - GTA4 Predator

Bonus Cars:
Stanier, Admiral, Fortune, Uranus.

Features of models:
3D engine parts;
Medium level of vehicle interior detail;
High level of detail of the car body;
Damaged parts of cars;
Fully functioning front and rear lights;
Materials are configured correctly;
There are own settings.

What's new:
-Fixed Carcols
-Fixed Windows Tint
-Fixed Faction2 Collision
-Max Payne 3 Detective Car removed.
-Fixes in Handling, Default.ide
-No additional plugins required and work on version 1.0

The modification is part of a larger project - GTA3: Kostygov Edition.

Alexey Alekseev aka Hellen - converting all cars to GTA3, creating collisions for cars, setting Handling flags, adjusting wheel sizes, finalizing Carcols.
Ilya Kostygov aka Till Lindermann... - development of Handling, development of Carcols, creation of img archive for transport, assembly of pack.

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NextGen Cars Pack FULL [UPDATE]
NextGen Cars Pack FULL [UPDATE] NextGen Cars Pack FULL [UPDATE] NextGen Cars Pack FULL [UPDATE] NextGen Cars Pack FULL [UPDATE] NextGen Cars Pack FULL [UPDATE] NextGen Cars Pack FULL [UPDATE] NextGen Cars Pack FULL [UPDATE]

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