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NextGen Cars Pack 86

Author: AiExcel
Date: 01.03.2022
Downloads: 2293
Filesize: 109.83 MB

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Replace all GTA Vice City cars with GTA 4 and GTA 5 Cars.
Carpack includes 107 vehicles.

Features of models:
3D engine parts;
Medium level of vehicle interior detail;
High level of detail of the car body;
Damaged parts of cars;
Fully functioning front and rear lights;
Materials are configured correctly;
There are own settings.

Vehicle list:Landstalker — GTA V Seminole Frontier
Idaho — GTA V Faction
Stinger — GTA V Coquette Classic
Linerunner — GTA V Phantom
Perennial — Custom — Fagaloa 4 door
Sentinel — Custom — Sentinel Classic 4 door
Rio — GTA V Patrolboat
Fire Truck — GTA IV Fire Truck
Trashmaster — Custom — Yankee/Trashmaster
Stretch — Custom — Emperor Limousine
Manana — GTA IV Uranus
Infernus — GTA V Torero
Voodoo — GTA IV Voodoo
Pony — GTA V Youga Classic
Mule — Custom — Bobcat/Steed
Cheetah — GTA V Cheetah Classic
Ambulance — Custom — Bobcat/Ambulance
FBI Washington — GTA IV FBI Esperanto
Moonbeam — GTA V Moonbeam
Esperanto — GTA V Virgo
Taxi — GTA IV Esperanto Taxi
Washington — GTA IV Esperanto
Bobcat — GTA IV Bobcat
Mr Whoopee — GTA IV Mr Tasty
BF Injection — GTA V Bifta
Hunter — GTA V Savage
Police — GTA IV/V Esperanto Police Roadcruiser
Enforcer — Custom — Police Bus/Stockade
Securicar — Custom — Police Bus/Stockade
Banshee — GTA V Ruiner
Predator — GTA V Predator
Bus — GTA V Prison Bus
Rhino — GTA IV APC
Barracks OL — GTA IV Yankee Flatbed
Cuban Hermes — GTA V Hermes
Chopper — GTA IV Police Maverick
Angel — GTA V Gargoyle
Coach — GTA IV Bus
Cabbie — Custom — Tornado Taxi 4 door
Stallion — GTA V Stallion
Rumpo — GTA V Boxville
RC Bandit — GTA V RC Bandito
Romero's Hearse — GTA V Lurcher
Packer — Custom — Rubble/Packer
Sentinel XS — Custom — Sentinel Classic 4 door
Admiral — GTA V Glendale
Squalo — GTA V Longfin
Sea Sparrow — GTA V Sea Sparrow
Pizza Boy — GTA V Faggio Pizza Boy
Gang Burrito — GTA IV Lost Slamvan
Airtrain — GTA V Jet
DeadDodo — GTA V Mammatus
Speeder — GTA V Speeder
Reefer — GTA IV Reefer
Tropic — GTA V Marquis
Flatbed — Custom — Rubble/Flatbed
Yankee — GTA IV Yankee
Caddy — GTA V Caddy Civil
Zebra Cab — Tornado Custom Taxi 4 door
Top Fun — GTA V Youga Classic
Skimmer — GTA V Dodo
PCJ 600 — GTA V FCR 1000
Faggio — GTA V Faggio
Freeway — GTA V Cliffhanger
RC Baron — Custom — RC Duster
RC Raider — Custom — RC Buzzard
Glendale — GTA V Emperor
Oceanic — Custom — Tornado 4 door
Sanchez — GTA V Enduro
Sparrow — GTA V Sea Sparrow
Patriot — GTA V Patriot Mil-Spec
Love Fist — Custom — Bruiser Custom
Coast Guard — GTA V Dinghy
Dinghy — GTA IV Floater
Hermes — GTA V Hermes
Sabre — GTA V Sabre Turbo
Sabre Turbo — GTA V Gauntlet Classic Custom
Phoenix — GTA V Phoenix
Walton — GTA V Ratloader
Regina — GTA V Regina
Comet — GTA V Comet Custom/Safari Mix
Deluxo — GTA V Deluxo
Burrito — GTA IV Lost Slamvan
Spand Express — Custom — Bobcat/Steed
Marquis — GTA V Marquis
Baggage Handler — GTA V Airtug
Kaufman Cab — Custom — Tornado Taxi 4 door
Maverick — GTA IV Maverick
VCN Maverick — GTA IV Maverick
Rancher — GTA IV Rancher
FBI Rancher — GTA V FBI Rancher XL
Virgo — GTA V Virgo Classic
Greenwood — GTA IV Marbelle
Cuban Jetmax — GTA IV Blade
Hotring Racer — GTA V Hotring Sabre
Sandking — GTA V Omnis
Blista Compact — GTA V Futo GTX
Police Maverick — GTA IV Police Maverick
Boxville — GTA IV Boxville
Benson — Custom — Bobcat/Steed
Mesa Grande — GTA V Bodhi
RC Goblin — Custom — RC Buzzard
Hotring Racer A — GTA V Hotring Sabre
Hotring Racer B — GTA V Hotring Sabre
Bloodring Banger A — GTA V Impaler
Bloodring Banger B — GTA V Imperator
VCPD Cheetah — GTA V Police Cheetah Classic

Has Fastman92 limit adjuster for increase Stream memory in game.

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NextGen Cars Pack 86
NextGen Cars Pack 86 NextGen Cars Pack 86 NextGen Cars Pack 86 NextGen Cars Pack 86 NextGen Cars Pack 86 NextGen Cars Pack 86

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