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Pickup Spawner

Author: PurpleWolfy
Date: 27.07.2022
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Pickup Spawner in GTA 3 Definitive Edition is another fun little mod :)

About the mod:
This mod will allow Claude to spawn in some pickups magicly, by just pressing one button ;)
The mod would come handy in hard situation, where you are about to die or the money has turned red..
Maybe you just need that extra armor or some slowmode action in the game, while fighting off the enemys or cops?
When you get tierd of police chasing you or the police is chasing you at the wrong time?
Then just press the magic button of 8 and Bribe will come to save the day!
The Pickup Spawn location might be little off, so be sure to turn camera around,
since it might not spawn in front of you.

Also, this is just a little fun mod :)

If you have any questions or the mod dosen't work correctly, then join my discord server.
I'll try to help as much as i can :)
You can find it on my profile.

You can still earn achievements :)


* Press Number 4on keyboard to Spawn in Money
* Press Number 5 on keyboard to Spawn in Health
* Press Number 6 on keyboard to Spawn in Armor
* Press Number 7 on keyboard to Spawn in Pill
* Press Number 8 on keyboard to Spawn in Bribe

Known issues:
-None- (so far..)

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Pickup Spawner
Pickup Spawner Pickup Spawner Pickup Spawner

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