GTA IV: Simple Native Trainer Installation
This tutorial gives you a short impression of the Simple Native Trainer and shows you how to install it. The newest version also supports the latest patch of GTA IV.

GTA IV Native Trainer brings you lots of functions. It includes teleportation, vehicle spawning, the world's simplest speedometer and lots of other stuff.
The usage of the trainer is pretty simple by having an inGame menu.

Support for:
- GTA IV v. (without patch)
- GTA IV v. (first patch)
- GTA IV v. (second patch)
- GTA IV v. (third patch)
- GTA IV v. (fourth patch - update 1)
- GTA IV v. (fourth patch - update 2)
- GTA IV v. (fifth patch)
- GTA IV v.
- EFLC v.
- EFLC v.

  1. First of all, please download the recent version of Simple Native Trainer (Download)
  2. Also download the newest version of XLiveLess (Download)
  3. Unpack and copy xlive.dll to your main GTA IV directory. If there is any other ASI Loader already installed, make sure that it becomes removed before proceeding to the next step.
  4. Unpack Simple Native Trainer and copy ScriptHook.dll, Trainer.asi and Trainer.ini to your main GTA directory.
  5. Start a game and press F3. The InGame menu shows up which can be controlled by using the numpad. The arrow keys of the numpad are used for navigation, 5 is "enter" and 0 is "back". After first usage, you have to press F4 to get back to the Simple Native Trainer navigation.

Have fun!