Yu Uika

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Just an Ordinary Modder.

Well basically I can Rig SA Skins, Models, and a Weapons, and also Editting some Textures.

I love drawing Anime Stuff (Fan Arts) too~

"I make something, and I didn't steal. I always put the right Credits if I made something."

I hate Stealer cuz I'm a Victim, well they didn't steal my Mods, they steal my Arts. Since then I really hate "Stealer".

If you want to share my mod don't forget to put my name (and links) in the credits!



Oh.. did you guys play FGO JP?

you can add me if you want ಠ◡ಠ)
my ID : 764,392,640

PM me if you add me


Country: Indonesia Age: 26
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SABER (Artoria) Sign CASINO
Y.U. (Yu Uika) | 18.02.2020 | 2794

Yu Uika
"Bounty Hunter"
Bounty Hunter
Comments: 83

you need to export them first cuz this mod was a TXD files, you can use TXD tools if it doesn't work try use TXD workshop in PC to export the "candysign1_256" as .PNG

Mastin Good TearGas
Han_Farhan | 18.02.2020 | 321

Yu Uika
"Bounty Hunter"
Bounty Hunter
Comments: 83

Wkwkw mantul bro lol good

Dah lama gw gak liat iklan ini Laugh

Navy Ricardo Milos
El Zapatero | 17.02.2020 | 1016

Yu Uika
"Bounty Hunter"
Bounty Hunter
Comments: 83

10/10 lol good

Car's Super Speed
T_marx666 | 01.02.2020 | 26721

Yu Uika
"Bounty Hunter"
Bounty Hunter
Comments: 83

Same here, I guess the mod need to be fixed. BTW it's Awesome mod tho... good

Megumin Hat
Y.U. (Yu Uika) | 29.12.2019 | 1924

Yu Uika
"Bounty Hunter"
Bounty Hunter
Comments: 83

I dunno man, I don't know how SA mobile Works, well normally in PC you just have to replace the files in "player.img"