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Doctor Moonlite Skin

Author: kyloz
Date: 30.09.2019
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This is Doctor Moonlite. This skin is made entirely from official Rockstar skin assets.

How I came about making this skin:

Ocean Beach is my favorite area of Vice City. Along Ocean Beach you can find multiple "Moonlite Hotel" buildings. I decided to create the owner of these hotels, Doctor Moonlite!

He is not your ordinary Doctor. During the day, he works normally at the hospital, but at night.. under the moonlight.. he drives his white Banshee to run down his victims! He finds someone who has something he wants (usually from the hospital patients he finds out this information and nurse gossip), and targets them for execution at night. He then takes what they had for himself. That's how he got those hotels! The actual sign on the Vice City hospital says "always looking out for you". And Doctor Moonlite IS always looking out for you, to run you down! I guess you could call him a Lunartic! Get it? Lunar, tic. Lunatic? Nevermind.

I found the skin is best played when "Doctor Beat" is being played on the radio. Enjoy the skin.

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Doctor Moonlite Skin
Doctor Moonlite Skin Doctor Moonlite Skin Doctor Moonlite Skin Doctor Moonlite Skin Doctor Moonlite Skin Doctor Moonlite Skin Doctor Moonlite Skin

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