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Batman Caped Crusader

Author: jy21 | Email
Date: 01.07.2019
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Batman Caped Crusader from DC legends with custom face rigged!!

There is only two skin in the files: Heroic and Legendary version, but the additional screenshot of Unmasked version of both skins is only available to those who can complete my request!! Here are some step on how to unlocked!!
My request: Complete Rigged of Injustice batman Vehicles namely: Batmobile, Batboat, Batwing and Nightwing Bike (if possible batcycle)!!
Prospect requirement: Whoever Can rigged car, bike, boat and plane for San andreas. Minimum runable in games, no custom modification is required to the model!!
Note: File will only be mailed to those who completed my request upon completion and checking only.
Contact: Please E-mail me if interested!!
Link to Model:

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Batman Caped Crusader
Batman Caped Crusader Batman Caped Crusader Batman Caped Crusader

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