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Drag Corpse

Author: ItsPerry
Date: 29.08.2014
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Wanna move bodies around?try this mod drag corpse around and sell them if you want this is not my mod the real author is Dakurlz

The modification allows you to move the bodies of dead people, hiding them in bagažnie, as well as sell.

-The ability to drag the corpse in any place.
-The ability to put a corpse in a car/Moto (corpse you can suggest not all machines, can be done in those cars that are common)
-There is an opportunity to sell the corpse in two hospitals.
-When the machine in which the corpse, the body gets burnt appearance.
-In the sale is the State of the corpse, the presence of the head, as well as its type (for police pay more) for sale of a corpse is not possible if you wanted. The amount of money for the dead is always different (from 4000 to 6000 $)
-For different machines their characteristic of corpse. If you put the corpse in a pickup truck or truck without roof or if you put the corpse on the potocikl, a high speed machine is eliminated from the body. Also, if the trunk (or back doors as the Ambulance) will be opened, the corpse can also fly. If you wanted and corpse fell, the star will start to Flash.
-If a passerby to notice as you drag the corpse, it will call the cops and you will be given 2 star search.
-Modification of the buildable in Dyom.

1) "E"-take/put the corpse of a dead body from the trunk, pull
2) "Q"-put a corpse in the trunk, sell the corpse (standing on the token)
3) That would sell the corpse, take (or truck) it into one of the two hospitals, they will be marked with a red x on the map. Then, standing on the handle, press q. Space-sell the corpse, Enter-exit.

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Drag Corpse
Drag Corpse Drag Corpse

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