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Disable insults bads voices NPCS+CJ + Music

Author: Thefire123
Date: 09.07.2024
Downloads: 184
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Rating: Disabled

Hello and welcome again.

This time now i opened the webiste to share the last mod that i didnt done, i have search the google for get mod like this one but sadly no one done it
it removes the inculdes: Womens CJ Few NPCS -Insults and many more-
The mod replace them with empty sounds


Just copy this folder and paste it in (Modloader folder)

Note: you must have modloader installed in the game
Search for it if you not have one, Modloader 3.8 version

Note2: The mod not removes everything, its just half of the voices. I Got Gta that is have broken sounds which is cool but i think because its old one, Your gta also must be have broken SFX files sounds.
If your gta sa have the bad sounds that i didnt add, just disable the sound access for gta this is the better choice

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Please dont look at the tags!!!:

Remove sexy music loadscreen menu sex things harams bads bad 18+ +18 remove disable sounds swear insults harams forbidden kids mod friendly mod good mod for gta san andreas
مسح محرامات جتا سان اندرس محرمات, مود للاطفال مود مسح الاباحة 18+ +18 الجنسية مود جيد مسح اصوات القصف السب الشتائم الاهانة

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Disable insults bads voices NPCS+CJ + Music

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