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Character Swap

Author: GabrielGGBR
Date: 01.09.2022
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I would say THE CURRENT BEST multi-protagonist mod for gta sa,and certainly one of my best mods.
It's a mod to change characters, FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE, without any known bugs, and the best, THE PROTAGONISTS DO NOT SHARE STATUS (most are still shared, but I will change that soon)
each character has their own:
- life (it's obvious, isn't it?)
- armor (100% functional)
- money (100% functional)
- respect (100% functional)
- driving skill (100% functional)
- lung capacity (100% functional)
- stamina (100% functional)
- weapons (still a bit buggy)
- personal car (only for the 2nd character)
In addition we have a new status of "Relationship", which obviously affects the gameplay (I will mention this later in the post).

When you're playing with one character, the other one will be walking around, just like any other NPC. And you can still recruit him to hang out (the greater your relationship, the greater the chance he'll agree to hang out with you)
And if you kill the 2nd character, you won't be able to select him for 30 seconds, and your relationship will also decrease.
But you can also go to a bar for a drink to increase relationship.
When you change character, an animation will happen (same as in GTA 5)

You can change at any time by pressing "Z" (or the key you set, also compatible with gamepads (L1 or LB) except when, on a mission, being wanted, or in a car (in the future I might fix this)

at the moment the mod supports 2 main characters because I decided to follow a "SA style" path since in the SA beta, it should be possible to select between 2 protagonists
required mods: Cleo + :

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Character Swap
Character Swap Character Swap Character Swap Character Swap Character Swap Character Swap Character Swap

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