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Widescreen Fix no bugs

Author: ThirteenAG, Wesser, HzanRsxa2959
Date: 26.02.2021
Downloads: 38350
Filesize: 2.707 MB

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The latest version of the Widescreen Fix published on GitHub contains some errors (such as bugs in mods that have a graphical interface, CarSpeedDependantFOV
removed, etc.), and for this reason today I share an older version, the one that really everyone should have, since it does not have errors.


- Adds support for all resolutions (+ the ability to put the resolution you want in an .ini file).
- Corrects FOV.
- Corrects stretched hud and size above normal.
- Corrections in the aspect ratio.
- Corrects stretched lights (crowns).
- Draw a 1px line at the top and side of the screen to hide an anti-aliasing error.
- The .ini files with field of view configuration, size of the hud components, among other things.
- Wesser widescreen v1.0.2 HOR + support.
- Corrections in the aspect ratio).
- Fixed stretched HUD and component alignment in 2 player mode.
- Optimized R* codes whenever possible.
- Balanced mouse brightness and sensitivity option (in game menu) balanced.
- The "Radar Mode" and "Visual FX Quality" options can be switched left and right.
- Improved key swap screen (now with sounds, etc.).
- Sort the map edges in the menu.
- Corrects lights (stretched crowns).
- Fix multiline texts where you were left with wrong scrolling lines.
- The altitude meter no longer goes out of the bar limit while swimming.

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Widescreen Fix no bugs
Widescreen Fix no bugs Widescreen Fix no bugs Widescreen Fix no bugs

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