GTA 5 Tuning Parts

Author: M4k3, Rockstar Games
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Date: 19.06.2017 | 6105 Downloads
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Tuning parts from Grand Theft Auto V
Converted to GTA SA and edited by M4k3

Most of the parts were converted from GTA V while some were made from scratch (like hood scoops because GTA V doesn't have any).
Replaced all GTA SA Tuning Wheels (17 files) and TransFender tuning parts (29 files).
2 versions of the wheels are included in the archive:

  1. Grey Colored Wheels.

  2. Recolorable Wheels (use 4th color).

  • Realistic enviroment reflection. There are alternative reflection textures in the bonus folder (meant for GFXhack users).

  • Low DFF and TXD sizes.

  • Square fog lights can be turned on (J key by default) if ImVehFt is installed.

The screenshots were taken with alternative reflection textures and GFXhack installed.

GTA 5 Tuning Parts GTA 5 Tuning Parts
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