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Railcity Beta v9.2 Extended & Expand

Author: skatefilter5
Date: 14.05.2022
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Filesize: 23.007 MB

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Beta 9 is here!

Added a new train stop at harbor downtown nearby the forest
Added a new safehouse from SR3 with functional garage located in desert downtown
Added new food shops with interior in the desert
Added docks by the dead-end beach
Added some stationary trains around the map
Added wasteland ruins heavens from Beta 7 (warp can be found in the desert airport and nuketown) you can visit this old area if you explore already.
Added more buildings and trees by the airport + Another new safehouse from SR3 by the airport!

Added few more....

Total object count of this map is 103,895, yeah way alot like a milestone. It's insane for me to build a huge map from last year to this year.

All new cities, custom roads, new subway stations, new forest and highways!

New custom interiors buildings thanks to multi selection tool ultimate for MTASA.

This Huge Map is now wider then San Andreas! If you installs other mods like veg mod, SAUR, SADirectX 3.0, it will look beautiful!

It's uncompilable with other map mods especially with vanilla objects whenever your making a building.

14 Train lines! Get off the train and find the next station, you maybe need a car.

Enterable apartments, safehouses, bank, gun shop, bars, and mini shops - scattering in new areas some places like in the desert will have a bank, safehouse, gun shop, and bars.

There are 3 enterable apartment in the map around the map.
Go for a deep ride to forest until you get to sand beach, it's long journey out there!

Press F5 + 1 to spawn vehicles to get around

Use 1 + F6 to spawn a train to enter instantly since you can't able to enter a train for some reason.
1 + F6 custom random trains
1 + F7 custom random trains
1 + F8 custom random trains
Press Y when you go to these open gates.

There's a gate/garage/elevator walk near it where the switch is at, Press Y to open/close gate. The scatter around the map.
And Don't forget to visit my youtube channel

Put the files in modloader!

Knowns bugs:
Trains are still buggy whenever get to the last coordinate where it loops even some trains warp to the first coordinates. wow.......
Tell me how I fix this train bug from locking upon a loop, what can I set in Fastman's Adjuster Limiter.

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Railcity Beta v9.2 Extended & Expand
Railcity Beta v9.2 Extended & Expand Railcity Beta v9.2 Extended & Expand Railcity Beta v9.2 Extended & Expand Railcity Beta v9.2 Extended & Expand Railcity Beta v9.2 Extended & Expand Railcity Beta v9.2 Extended & Expand Railcity Beta v9.2 Extended & Expand

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