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Annis Aegrid

Author: Crack Yo' Neck
Date: 10.06.2024
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Annis Aegrid by Crack Yo’ Neck.

SA style / low poly / lore friendly.

Handling lines included. All files are original.

Hi Aptos from!

Long story short™:
Crack stopped releasing public mods when some of his work got leaked and went on to a private server. The mods he made there were never made public. As if it wasn’t enough, he had to come back almost four years later to delete his entire workshop, over 70 cars, punishing an entire community in the process. Since a few of his vehicles appear here and there and since all the files are now unavailable for the one who, unlike me, didn’t have the chance to get everything before the deletion, I decided to step up and help the community. These mods deserve to be preserved and you can now continue to enjoy the vehicles that he made with care, for FREE, for a 20 years old videogame. ©

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Annis Aegrid
Annis Aegrid

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