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1995 BMW E36 Super Touring (STW)

Author: Rezhfan Ez
Date: 01.05.2022
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Filesize: 9.677 MB

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There's a template inside it, you can make a paintjob with it, im really bad at making paintjob,thats why it's only has 1 paintjob in it

->Original Author : АВТОХАУС( ), Rezhfan Ez
->Original Mod Link :
->Edit: Rezhfan Ez
->STW Bodykits taken from : PM3DM BMW 320i STW BTCC (assetto corsa)
->Wheels taken from : Juiced 2 HIN By MaTheuS-340
->Wiper and Pedal taken from : Anzel's BMW 320i E36
->S14(BMW M3 E30) Engine, Engine details, Steering Wheels taken from : DMN's Project CARS BMW M3 E30 DTM '91 (
->Dashboard button taken from : DMN's NFS Shift 2 BMW M3 E36 (
->Steering Wheels console and button taken from : Peugeot 406 Supertourisme by KraZ beta V 0.7.5 (GTA SA)
->Seats and Rollcage taken from : Beau,Rezhfan Ez BMW M3 E36

Special Thanks :
-PM3DM for bodykits
-DMN for E36 buttons
-Funky for the engine 3d model link
-EA games
-Slightly Mad Studios

Replace : Elegant

Changes made by me :
+BMW E36 STW Bodykit
+Damage Parts
+Nice Fitment and wheels
+Replacing M50B20 engine with S14 BMW M3 E30 engine
+Body Template for paintjob
+Bunch of interiors edit
and more...

Features :
-Damage Parts
-Adapted For IMVEHFT 2.1.1 : Front and Rear Lights, Reverse Lights, Turning Lights indicator, Brake Lights, Instrument Cluster Lights
-Adapted For Active Dashboards 3.2.1 : Steering Wheels, Speedometer, tahometer, fuel level, engine temperature, Wiper
-Adapted For Vehfuncs v2.3 or higher : Extras(Windshield Sticker)
-HQ Exteriors
-HQ Racing Interiors
-Nice engine
-Template for making paintjob
-Custom Handling and Vehicle.ide data lines
Model Size : Dff = 8 MB, Txd = 5,78 MB, Paintjob = 2,66 MB

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1995 BMW E36 Super Touring (STW)
1995 BMW E36 Super Touring (STW) 1995 BMW E36 Super Touring (STW) 1995 BMW E36 Super Touring (STW) 1995 BMW E36 Super Touring (STW) 1995 BMW E36 Super Touring (STW) 1995 BMW E36 Super Touring (STW) 1995 BMW E36 Super Touring (STW)

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