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Lamborghini Centenario [Re-convert]

Author: Gta5KoRn
Date: 08.10.2017
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► 2017 Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4 [New Re-convert] ◄

→ Cinematic video showcase: YouTube

Pre-released on 26th Jul 2017 on
• My 49th car mod
• Add-on / Replace (Reaper)
• 3D Model Base: Forza Horizon 3 / Forza Motorsport 7
Parts: CSR2, NFS No Limits, Assetto Corsa
• Requirements:
- at least patch 1.0.944.2
- DirectX11 graphic setting!

- HQ Exterior / Interior / 3D Engine / Door sills (Best parts from FH3 & CSR2 were accurately mixed together)
- 15 Tuning parts (Add-on only):
alternative front & rear bumpers
alternative skirts
side grill parts
› Removing engine hood (not openable, but removable like in real life)
Non-automatic spoilers
Alternative color seats
Alternative color steeringwheel
- Livery support: incl. Carbon liveries, Qatar Royal / Tricolore, Black-1st color mix
incl. 4K Template
- Custom / detailed under bumper frames
- Extras: Bumper splitters, front license plate
- Badges / engine-interior-window stickers
- Vibrating engine block
- Digital dials
- 4 Paint options:
› Paint 1: body
› Paint 2: body, interior parts, tire line
› Paint 4: rims (only via trainer)
› Paint 6: Interior parts
- Working lights:
›front white indicators (Off) / Orange (On)
›Rear indicators (like in real life, not like in FH3!!)
- Game radio and "radio changing" animation (3rd person mode)
- Full body dirt
- HQ Panorama mirror reflections
- Mirrors collision
- Burn area
- Correct door opening on hinges

Installation (Add-on / Replace):
- Read the README file inside the archive
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Lamborghini Centenario [Re-convert]
Lamborghini Centenario [Re-convert] Lamborghini Centenario [Re-convert] Lamborghini Centenario [Re-convert] Lamborghini Centenario [Re-convert] Lamborghini Centenario [Re-convert] Lamborghini Centenario [Re-convert] Lamborghini Centenario [Re-convert]

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