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Parked Cars & Traffic Control

Author: Skorpro | Email
Date: 23.06.2009
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Skorpro presents

Parked Cars & Traffic Control (GTA IV LUA Mod)

Parked Cars:
Es werden 9 Cars, ein Bike und zwei Helis erstellt:
6 Cars und 1 Bike beim Versteck in Northwood - Algonquin
1 Heli auf dem Dach des Verstecks in Northwood - Algonquin
1 Romero an der Kirche in Norden von Alderney nahe der Polizeistation
1 Romero an der Kriche in Dukes nahe Packie McReary's Haus
1 gelbes Roman-Taxi hinter Romans Taxistation
1 Heli auf der Happiness Island

Traffic Control:
Benutze F7, um den Verkehr zu wechseln. 5 Verkehrsarten stehen zur Verfügung (geringer, mittlerer, hoher, voller und kein Verkehr)!

Parked Cars:
Creates 9 cars, one bike and two helis:
6 cars and 1 bike near the savehouse in Northwood - Algonquin
1 heli on the savehouse roof in Northwood - Algonquin
1 Romero near the church in north of Alderney near the police station
1 Romero near the church in Dukes near Packie McReary's house
1 yellow Roman taxi behind Romans taxi station
1 heli on the Happiness Island

Traffic Control:
Use F7 to change the traffic. Switch between 5 traffic types (low, medium, high, full and no traffic)!


This modification requires ALICE library installed.
1. Download GTA IV ALICE from
2. After installing, copy the LUA file into the ALICE folder (eg. C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto IV\ALICE)
3. Have fun!

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Parked Cars & Traffic Control

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