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World Trade Center Mod 0.3

Author: hbx84
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Date: 03.10.2011
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This sixth version of the World Trade Center mod completely changes the visage of the WTC complex it
had until now in GTA.

The plaza is more beautiful than ever ! The WTC 4, 5 and 6 have finally been added and the plaza layout
has been perfectly reconstituted !
You can walk on the plaza, buy a drink, relax next to the fountain or admire the plaza sculptures…

But the plaza is not the only update of this new version. The south bridge has been improved as well,
and new WTC 2 observation deck will make you gasp !
Observe the whole Liberty City from its highest point of view ! You can also use one of the several
telescopes to zoom in on whatever you want !

Some bugs have been fixed again to bring to you the most powerful GTA IV mod ever.

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Compatible with IV and EFLC.

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World Trade Center Mod 0.3

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