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Vanilla Emergency Services Ped Overhaul

Author: DukeOfFail
Date: 24.11.2023
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Looks like Liberty City's Emergency Services, got around to updating their Uniform Standards. The days of Plastic Badges and Dollar Store Halloween Outfits are gone.

-Mod Info-
This is a small pack that edits all the peds that are part of Liberty City's Emergency Services.
What this does is add little details such as patches and id badges, just to give the default peds just abit more of a lively feel, while keeping as much of the Vanilla Model looks as possible.

-Changes to Models-
1) Cop - Added LCPD patches for both arms, Proper Hatshield, Citation Bar with Badge, Collar Brass
2) SWAT - Swat has been turned into ESU to match NYPD since the LCPD is based on it. ESU/NYPD arm patches, ESU patches for front and back of vest.
3) Army - New Camo using textures from Vice City, Bigger and more fitting Flak vest, Pistol Holster and Army Belt.
4) Fireman - The FDLC has enforced proper uniform standards and stripped all units of the "Spirit Halloween" fireman's outfit is gone and all FDLC FF's have been given Proper Bunker Gear and a New Helmet along with Boots that can actually withstand a fire, and not sneakers.
5) Medic - Since it's 2001 and not before 1996 all medical services have been moved over to the FDLC *More Lore Friendly LCMS based uniforms can still be found in this pack*, Medic's have a Proper Paramedic Uniform and Patches based on FDNY EMS.
6) FBI - The LC Office of the FBI has got rid of the plastic Dollar Store badges and have a proper FBI ID badge in place of it.

-Mod Installation-
Then Just use Modloader
Drop the Folder in, and you're good to go.
**If you want the default style medics, or a FDLC medic with a hat logo just drag and drop the one you want from the "Alt Medics" folder into your "VESPO" folder in modloader.

-Change Log-
12/14/23 *Fixed Issue with Cop's head with Lighting*

>>>>> ALWAYS MAKE BACK UPS<<<<<< ,
Special thanks to Calvin, for showing me how to fix stuff within ZMOD2 and Thunderbird "CanOpener" For overall support, along with everyone else who has been nothing but amazing.
Hope, you enjoy the mod!

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Vanilla Emergency Services Ped Overhaul
Vanilla Emergency Services Ped Overhaul Vanilla Emergency Services Ped Overhaul

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