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Simplified Ped Spawner Version 5.1

Autor: sameshine2k18
Datum: 26.05.2019
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January 2022 update
Let's just call this version 5.1

Well, i guess by now this be somewhat of a dead mod l0l ("sort of")
Since i am here to update the "peds don't talk to player" mod I might as well post an update for this one also since it is available...

Not sure I will state every single thing that was done because i write stuff not down in a book because well, i usually have not that and a pen nor do i write stuff down in the mobile phone because //

These are a few changes that were made...

> A slight change for the fxt file at least for the boss peds in the gangs section because the script was set that they use names that were of other gang type peds and not their own even though their own identifiers already existed.. Now, surprisingly enough they by default know Grove street but the Grove Street members do not seem to know them by default, it seem.. so option is also available to remove their acquaintances by default when spawned..

Walk styles have been added for certain gf peds (In the extra section)
..Just for disclaimer, the defaults that are set aren't as if to say who is deemed attractive or not, it's just a matter of who i feel the walk styles match best.

Did a quick reset for the var that stores the value which let us know what type of ped we are dealing with across the script.. done because i noticed the text info stuff did not change to what was expected... You might not have noticed this though unless if you linked up with a gang ped and after releasing you then used the spawn section to spawn and recruit a normal ped.


This version brings a whole bunch of pretty cool new changes, can't bother to talk much so just check it out, I know you'll like it!

I would also recommend adding this mod in your gta game to put some more life up in it instead of having just the male characters for the gangs peds


..Be sure to also read the .ini file. Otherwise, everything is already set up so in theory you don't necessarily have to touch anything hence you should probably just use the mod and if then you feel to change something you can check to see if a certain option is available.


Note that the mod's name is changed, so be sure to not end up having a duplicate in the game.



S+T to launch spawning of someone (can be changed in the ini file)

Z+A to exit if you are on the main menu (first page)
.. The enter/exit car key goes back one page behind


It is not just a ped spawner as instead of using the menu stuff you can also get peds from off the street.. Press 4 to call a ped.. Will not 'generally' call male peds but that's a different story, literally.

Press 5 to call nearby gang members who are not already in a group
But additionally you target a member with the mouse and press E to link with a gang member who is already a part of a group (if her or she is not leading a group)

A rough breakdown of the keys..

4 to call a nearby normal ped while you are on foot
5 to call a nearby gang ped that is not already in a group while you are on foot or in a vehicle
Target the actor and press E to call a gang ped that is already in a group if he or she is not leading the group
7 to call nearby normal ped while you are in a vehicle
9 to call nearby gang ped while you are in a vehicle
i+8 to call gang ped that is already in your vehicle
a+g send actor to front passenger seat if in the back
k+j for kiss
num 5 plus other num keys (7,8,9,2 and 4) for explicits and stuff (action key/tab to change poisition type for sex, weapon next changes cam view)
m+t for mute
u+t for unmute
l+o locate actor on the map
q+w hide or show actor's weapon
a+s save actor from a high fall before hitting the ground
s+d save player (you) from a high fall before hitting the ground
l+u make actor lay down after in idle state
f+n to call actor to you in case if idled but you did not tell actor to wait anywhere
target actor and press num 1 to let actor shoot at enemies you shoot
target actor and press num 2 to let actor not shoot at enemies you shoot but will shoot if shot at
target actor and press num 3 to let actor not attack peds based on aquaintances
target actor and press num 7 to let actor attack peds based on aquaintances
end to send actor to vehicle
num / + num 0 to let actor stay idle
num * + num del to release actor from idle mode

..Other keys and stuff are available in the ini file

2+T to initiate the main altogether releasing of the actor when linked (can be changed in .ini file)

3+T to decide if you want to allow actors go to be able to go to interiors with you or not (can be changed in the .ini file if you want)



A breakdown of some thing you may need to know..

All actors come linked by default; so they will enter interiors with you unless you tell them not to

Actors are protected from damage while told to wait while on foot outside but if the actor is told to stay indoors, then no protection is used

While actors are staying somewhere they are auto un-linked so you can go indoors without them appearing. When released from idle mode they will then be linked back or un-linked depending on if they were set to be linked or un-linked before being told to wait somewhere.. Same thing is done with supporting fire.

If needed at anytime pressing the horn will tell the actor to enter your vehicle while you are in it if they are outside and not in idle mode; ie told to wait somewhere; that way you can still toot your horn without interrupting the actor in such instances


You need to be close to each other to initiate these actions below:::

num 5 + 2 give actor flowers or any other gift if you have one to give

num 5 + 4 for strip dance
k+J to give/take a kiss

num 5 + 7 for ass slap
I believe the mod is set to use x to switch the cam view but check the ini file..
Enter/exit vehicle key to end/finish

num 5 + 9 for sex anim (pressing the action key will change positions)
I believe the mod is set to use x to switch the cam view but check the ini file..
Enter/exit vehicle key to end/finish

b+n to have sex but change to someone else first (Ped 269 if you've added that new ped to the game)

num 5 + 8 for blowjobs (you will need to add the .ifp anim files to gta3.img or modloader for the script to work right, when you request a blowjob in vehicles..because extra animations are asked to be loaded which is not generic to the GTA game) Disclaimer: I am not the owner of the animation, it was made by Moddelar


L+O to locate the actor on the map
(Toggle for on and off)
* Originally locating peds who are indoor seem to not be possible from all places so provided a way as a walk around to locate them in such cases anyhow.

L+U to let actor lay on the floor and relax (useful if you're sitting down chilling and you want the ped to do somewhat the same)
(Toggle for on and off)


Going far from where you had told recruited actors to stay when you come back they are likely to remain when you get back..
That's it, i don't think I'm forgetting anything else...other stuff may happen during game-play based on what i think is best

Check out the mod i think you'll like it..okay

Make sure you read the ini file, there is a lot to know about the mod.

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Simplified Ped Spawner Version 5.1
Simplified Ped Spawner Version 5.1 Simplified Ped Spawner Version 5.1 Simplified Ped Spawner Version 5.1 Simplified Ped Spawner Version 5.1 Simplified Ped Spawner Version 5.1 Simplified Ped Spawner Version 5.1

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