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In The Beginning : Wherever I May Roam

Autor: DigHet
Datum: 31.01.2014 | 8475 Downloads
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This is "In the beginning" save game.
- The file is not flagged with cheat
- All places are accessible:
- restaurant/food joint/dating spot
- stadium events/challenges
- airport/flying zone
- cities trespassing (but roadblocks still exist, just go swimming, teleport or fly a plane)
- safe houses but you still could buy it when have cash (or to complete property mission)
- burglary
- fashion/gym
- casino, sex spots
- your friends houses (sweet, ryder, maddogg, girlfriends etc) but watch your steps you may fall into underworld
- all other buildings but be careful, u may trapped inside with no exit access! ROFL
- All of them are unmarked in map! you need to roam and look for yellow cone access around you :)
- CJ has all skill fully
- CJ get free "busted" and "wasted", infinite run, fireproof plus get paid by whore after giving a blow
- CJ have 75% musle and 20% fat with 100% sex appeal but aint got respect
- to spice up the game, instead of having max 4 stars wanted level now U got 6!
- hopefully you could play all missions normally as well.


Tools used:
CLEO and ryosuke save game editor

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