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Cool Savegame

Autor: QuarterExploding
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Datum: 13.10.2013 | 122230 Downloads
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This is Fixed edition and better than before (Savegame by QE)

.:Cool Savegame:.


-Savegame name "E-P27 QuarterExploding"
-All School Skill 100% all Gold
-Respect, Stamina, Gambling 100%
-Hitman Skill Weapon and Full Hard Weapon (Full Ammo)
-other Mission 100% complete
-All Tag Spray, Jumps, Oysters, Snapshots,Horseshoes 100%
-Girlfriend Progress 100% (but you need to dating with them, because GFprogress can down)
-Turismo And Elegy[modification] added at Grove Street Garage
-999999999$ Money
-Kneehead FightStyle
-CJ with Normal Clothes (but there are full of Clothes)
-All Race Tournament 100%
-Mini Gang teritory at San Fierro and Las Venturas (Grove, Ballas, and Vagos)
-Vehicle Mission 100%
-Full Health And Armor
-Hot Coffe with Girlfriend
-Full Vehicle in All House Garage
-SWAT Truck and LA Firetruck (in End of the Line mission) added at abandoned airport / Verdant Meadows hangar
-100% Save Game Plus Hydra and Rhino on Grove Street
-New Gang : Italian Mafia
-Now Aztecas and Triad is your allies (but you can't recruit them), Italian Mafia is Independent.
-No Fat and Muscle
-Spawn at Johnson's house
-Time Started 00:00
-Free Busted and Wasted

*This Savegame included the mod that i use to make this Savegame completed
-Grove Ped Cars (CLEO)
-Park Car Mod (CLEO)
-GTA SA Savegame Editor
-Cheats Mod (CLEO)
-Transfender Mod (CLEO)

You can running this Savegame if you have CLEO 4, because this savegame has crashed if you dont use CLEO 4

* BUG will be fixed at other Version (if you found some bug you can report to me)

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Cool Savegame
Cool Savegame Cool Savegame Cool Savegame

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