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The Advanced CJ Patch 1

Autor: Rega Angga Gantara | Email
Datum: 11.07.2014 | 899 Downloads
Dateigröße: 26.189 KB

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I updated mod of the mod "the advanced cj", edit grenade blast. usage: throwing grenades around people or vehicles. remember not too far away from the person or the vehicle, because mod will not work. when the grenade will explode with a burst of type 7 which mean a huge explosion, but the explosion will be repeated, and blow up people or vehicles, except the rhino tank, around the source of the explosion. you should move away from an explosion due to the explosion can hit cj is very strong, so that cj will be lying on the ground, and emits a broken bone,


1.Put cleo files in your gta san andreas cleo folder (use cleo 3 or 4).
2. For Additional files, is additional editing missiles, which mean missile HE Rocket Launcher so it can be faster and bigger explosion but sometimes missiles can go wrong way, but this need cleo 3 and it is mandatory.

rate for this mod.
for my previous mod, look for "The Advanced CJ" mod in or my blog in
Thanks, I'am Indonesian

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The Advanced CJ Patch 1
The Advanced CJ Patch 1 The Advanced CJ Patch 1 The Advanced CJ Patch 1

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