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ENBSeries "Multiplayer Experience"

Autor: Euda (Pascal Matthäus | eudagfx)
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Datum: 14.05.2014 | 2596 Downloads
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This ENB is intended to be used with the multiplayer add-ons of GTA San Andreas. With a sophisticated shader-configuration, a customized an atmospheric timecyc plus a wide spectrum of compatibility, this configuration will provide you with a stunning, atmospheric graphics-quality while still giving you the best & balanced multiplayer-experience.


After opening the package, you have to choose one of three performance presets:

LOW: This configuration is primarily intended to be used on Midrange-Notebooks and (semi-)old PCs.

MIDDLE: This preset is most balanced to be compatible and fluid on a broad variety of computers. I'd require a GeForce 250GTS minimum.

ULTRA: This option makes absolutely no compromises, it is the only setting to activate SSAO/SSIL (Screenspace Ambient Occlusion, Screenspace Indirect Lightning). Most fancy, but eats a lot of GPU-resources. Would recommend a GTX 480 at least.

If you have chosen a preset which should satisfy your gameplay-experience, move all the files into your "GTASanAndreas"-directory where your 'gta_sa.exe'-file is located. Replace the existing files if you're asked to (do backups if you want to uninstall the custom timecyc later).

BROTIP: If you prefer a less-colorful gameplay, navigate to the folder "LESS COLOR" and move the enbseries.ini into your gta_sa-main-directory.

If you don't want to miss upcoming enb_videos & configurations made by myself, you can subscribe to "PascalWaschbrett" @ Have fun and enjoy!

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