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CrazyBitches v0.0.2

Autor: DigHet
Datum: 17.02.2014 | 11355 Downloads
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Yo dudes!
This is my 2nd upload to gtainside!

This time I'm proudly present my first CLEO script: "The CRAZY Bitches"
It call reinforcement of your 7 GFs... naked (if you have GTA SA 1.00) via cargobob heli (shift-m)

They're tough and smart bodyguards.
- Controllable behavior (Tab-b, Tab-n or Tab-m)
- Random and Controllable weapon set (Caps-b, Caps-n or Caps-m)
- Ignore vertical elevation difference so they can follow you better
- Random fighting style
- And since they're your GFs they will talk too (when driving around)
- Can be f*cked to gain health, fat or armor (aim+k+k, aim+j+k, aim+l+k)
- Can be left (will not vanished) and later regroup with (aim+shift+n)
- Will follow you inside building/room
- Will hunt drug dealer, rival gangs and cops (depend on the selected behavior)
- Can be destryoed (shift-b)

I have tried to make them shoot heli and able to fetch secondary car to follow yours but so far it's not quite work. So maybe next version.

- if you don't look up the sky right after calling (shift-m) cargobob will fall from the sky (literally)
- performing sex wont make you invincible (still can be shoot in the process)
- keep in mind that they are not your gang, you can't Ctrl-G them, but Ctrl-H still works
- feel free to decompile them an modify it (I don't give a damn)

enjoy this shit motherf*ckers!

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CrazyBitches v0.0.2
CrazyBitches v0.0.2 CrazyBitches v0.0.2 CrazyBitches v0.0.2

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