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Doctor Who: Daleks Invasion V3.0

Autor: TommyLingL & Mavl
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Datum: 09.02.2014 | 3687 Downloads
Dateigröße: 78.099 MB

9.76 based on 76 votes

In this update of version 3.0, we improved all TARDIS effects to a next level. You can now also have the awesome time vortex system to better manage your time traveling, or scan environment around you and then flick the sonic to see results just like the Doctor xD K-9 also gets smarter and cuter in every way of improvements too :D

Installation Procedure:
Recommend GTA SA US v1.0 clean without other mods
1. Unzip the downloaded file.
2. Copy all the files and folders from the archive you downloaded and paste them to your correct GTA SA game directory.
3. That is it, run the game and play it like a Time Lord :D

For further detailed Mod information please go check out the .docx file.
Which should be in your GTA: SA game directory after installation :P

Also, here is the link to the android version of this Mod:

And to predict our progress, best way is to like our facebook page ;)

Last edit by Tommy
Date: 19/10/2015

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Doctor Who: Daleks Invasion V3.0
Doctor Who: Daleks Invasion V3.0 Doctor Who: Daleks Invasion V3.0 Doctor Who: Daleks Invasion V3.0

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