San Andreas Sky Revolution v2.1

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Datum: 05.02.2014
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San Andreas Sky Revolution v2.1

Since there's many bug in V2, I decided to make the v2.1 ones, which is more realistic and fixing many bug.

Firstly looking this mod, what you'll got with this mod?
SASR giving you more realistic sky, lights, static and dynamic reflection and as alternative to you to improve your GTA SA graphic than use ENB Series
What's difference with other timecyc mod?

-Makes your GTA SA more illuminated
-Many draw distance option which you can choose than edit it manually
-Fixes many bug such as Blackroads, flickering, etc.
-Full new particle and mixed
-All timecycles even unused like extracolor is modified
-You can choose the version you like to install, the choice is yours, lag or not this mod on your GTA SA is depending how high or low your PC/laptop specs

Full list feature

*More illuminated
*Great reflection on peds and vehicles
*Fixing many bugs
*New water colour and texture
*New underwater colour (more like GTA V)
*Amazing bloom effects from colormod by Ryosuke
*Peds shading effects from Normal map by Ryosuke
*Improve dynamic and static effects
*Alternative if can't use ENB Series
*Fully compatible with ENB Series
*New clouds texture (more like GTA V)
*Mixed particle from another particle mods:

-Aures new effects and more v7.0 by Aures
-Overdose Effects's particle v1.4 by Function-X
-New particle and best effect by Armin

I can only give them credit because it's really hard to contact them for permission include their mod

*Enable hidden lights such as: helicopter, plane especially Shamal and some skyscraper and building

For more information you can read the readme in the archive.

After you installing this mod in your GTA SA, please download the SASR v2.1 Fix bug pack because it's very important to fix the wrong colormod configuration and fixing other minor bug.


There's many credits to tell, but I can't explain here, you can read the readme inside the archive.
Enjoy your new GTA SA's graphic!

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San Andreas Sky Revolution v2.1
San Andreas Sky Revolution v2.1 San Andreas Sky Revolution v2.1 San Andreas Sky Revolution v2.1

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